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Triage policy

In June 2020 we will be changing our reception protocol to help support the doctors of Crown Street Surgery by training and empowering our reception team to better triage and intelligently signpost patients .

This will mean that the reception team will have a list of questions to ask every patient who calls us on the day. These questions have been written by a team of doctors and they follow NICE guidelines. Depending on your answers to these questions you might not need to be seen by a doctor, but, every time you speak to a member of the reception team a doctor will review your interaction with our receptionist. If you do speak to a doctor they will then review your answers to the questions which will mean that we can help you more quickly.  Furthermore, you might also be signposted to the most clinically relevant place of care – this might mean that you are not offered an appointment on the day. Instead, you could asked to go be seen at a local pharmacy, emergency department or somewhere else.

Your phone call’s with the receptionists will be longer but this will hopefully help you save time as you might not need to come in. Or, at the very least you won’t be asked routine questions that you have already answered with our reception team.  This will also mean that the doctors will have more time to help support the patients at Crown Street Surgery.

System One online and NHS App

We have decided to change our Online Portal so that patients will be asked to register to use the NHS App. This was created by NHS digital to allow patients to book appointments, order prescriptions and access online consultations. You will need to register to use this but you won’t need to come to the practice. As part of the registration process you will need to take a photo of yourself with your ID to prove your identify.

Our old online portal can still be used if you wish – the portal is accessed using this link

New telephone provider

To help improve the way we look after our patients we will be using a new telephone provider. This will support us to better deal with emergencies and allow our staff to work from home more easily. Over the next few weeks and months you might notice slight changes when you ring us or if we call you. One of these changes is that we will be able to start recording phone calls. At first this would be select outbound calls from doctors but over time this would be every call to and from Crown Street Surgery. This is important for medico-legal purposes, help improve staff training and audits.

Kids’ Cookery School helping vulnerable groups during the covid outbreak

The Kids’ Cookery School (registered charity) is now closed due to the outbreak or Corona Virus.

But we would like to help the local community and as we have a fully functional teaching kitchen we can still cook, healthy fresh food from scratch to donate to the community, and would be delighted to do this !

So if you know of any children, families, older people and vulnerable groups that need our help please pass on our details and we will assist as best as possible.

You can find out how to contact us on their website:

Service Change During Covid-19

Need a prescription?

  • Download the NHS App and you can request meds from there.
  • Ask your pharmacist to request for you
  • Email in to us ( – it will be delayed if using this method.
  • Put a script in the box outside the door
  • Please nominate a pharmacy for us to send electronically

How to contact a GP?

If you have a cough or fever visit the NHS website

  • Use e-consult from this website
  • Call the surgery and we will endeavour to call you back as soon as possible or direct you appropriately