Crown Street Surgery is proud to host a wide range of learners including:

  • Medical Students across all stages from Imperial, Kings and Oxford as well as abroad.
  • Trainee Nurses from City and UWL Universities.
  • Foundation Doctors from Ealing and Imperial Hospital Trusts
  • GP Specialist Trainees from Ealing and Imperial College Schemes.

All learners have active and important role to play in the surgery. Learners will participate in almost all consultations either in observation, history taking or active practice so please inform the reception staff or doctor in advance should you wish to decline seeing or being observed by a medical or nursing student.

Allowing their involvement is invalubale in safeguarding the future staffing of the NHS – these experiences will help train nurses and doctors who have experienced a wide range of conditions, symptoms and opportunities to communicate with a range people as well as provide them with insight into how to consult independantly in the community.

All students and learners have an assigned tutor daily to discuss any concerns, difficulties or learning points with and all learners are debriefed at the end of every patient or clinic ( experiece dependant) to ensure the highest level of patient safety is maintained.

We thank you in advance for your support of the practice, the students and the NHS whilst we continue to host learners.

If you wish to be involved in or receive more information about our Educational Visits Register please contact Agnes Glowacka or Jaicy Roman via reception.