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Flu Clinic 2021

During 2021 flu season Crown Street Surgery is working with the St Mary’s Church to have our clinics in the Church Hall. The location is opposite the Morrison’s in Acton a short walk from the practice (see picture below to the entrance to the Church Hall, it is right next to the main church entrance)

  • Patients must contact the surgery to book an appointment as we need to maintain social distancing guidelines so anyone who doesn’t have an appointment could be turned away.
  • Please wear light clothing as you will need to have a bear arm to quickly be seen and leave the building as quickly as is possible.
  • All patients must wear a face covering. If you cannot wear a face covering please speak to the practice before you attend to advise us of this so that we can inform you what you should do.
  • We kindly request that patients come alone or with one family member or carer, to maintain social distancing.
  • The church hall toilet facilities cannot be used so please do not be offended if you cannot use the toilet when you attend.
  • Patients cannot have fever, flu like symptoms OR COVID-19 like symptoms during their appointments. If so, please call us to cancel your appointment

These guidelines are important to keep staff and patients safe during these unconventional times.

Full address:

St Mary’s Parish Office
1 The Mount
Acton High Street
London W3 9NW
Tel. 020 8993 0422

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